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Billing Overview

Each month BTU renders bills for approximately 47,000 customers, including those that use City of Bryan water, wastewater and/or solid waste services. City of Bryan Ordinances are strictly followed.

Each customer receives a bill around the same date each month, the timing of which is determined by the billing cycle in which the customer resides. Cycles are determined by geographic area and BTU has twenty (20) separate billing cycles.Cycle 1 is read on the first business day of every month and Cycle 20 is read on the last business day. BTU service territory includes inside the city limits of Bryan, College Station, Snook, and the counties of Brazos, Burleson, and Robertson.

After the meter is read, the reading will be uploaded into the billing system. Each reading passes through consumption thresholds and must meet certain percentage criteria that have been set-up within the system. If the reading does not meet the criteria, it is pushed into a Hi/Lo report and a billing staff member runs an analysis. The Hi/Lo proofing process helps ensure that the customer will receive a correct bill for their electric or water consumption during that billing month.

Customers receive monthly bills that show their due date which is 21 days from the time it has been billed. There is an additional 20 days of process prior to disconnection for non-pay should that become necessary. If a customer does not pay in full at the allotted time, then a collections process begins on the account. These include late fees, reminder and termination notifications via letters, and generation of cut-for non pay orders if necessary as illustrated on the schedule below.