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Transmission and Dispatch

The Electric Transmission Division is responsible for control and operation of the electric system to provide a reliable, continuous supply of energy to the customer. This reliability exists because of two different groups, Electric Transmission and the Electric Dispatch group, each having their own distinct areas of responsibility.

The Dispatch group monitors and operates the computer control system which oversees each of the (19) BTU electrical substations, operates the radio and paging system used to dispatch line and service crews, and implements switching orders for the transmission and distribution circuits within the BTU service territory. The primary purpose of this group is to receive reports of electrical outages and/or problems from customers and dispatch necessary personnel to the affected site to correct the problem.

The Transmission group inspects both rural and city substations, schedules, repairs and maintains on all electrical equipment in the (19) electrical substations. Equipment, with voltages varying from 12.5 kV to 138 kV, is tested to verify performance to manufacturing specifications. This group also maintains the communication link between the power plants, substations, and Dispatch.

24-hour Outage/Emergency Hotline Phone: (979) 822-3777