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Distribution Division

The Distribution Division is made up of Overhead and Underground Construction Departments and a Service Department.

All construction crews perform work in both the City and Rural areas of BTU. All construction work is scheduled; however, priority is placed on power outages that may occur.

The Service Department responds to customer outages and complaints, locates underground lines, installs and removes services, installs and repairs street/security lighting, sets and removes meters, and researches low/high voltage complaints.


  1. BTU has 370 miles of underground distribution and 1,835 miles of overhead distribution serving approximately 53,600 electric meters. BTU’s service territory is approximately 650 square miles in Brazos, Burleson and Robertson counties.
  2. BTU’s construction department has a five day starting schedule, for most construction jobs after being released for construction. All design, easements, damage waivers and aid-in-construction must be complete prior to BTU’s Line Design department releasing the work order.
  3. Any job that requires digging or trenching must go through a “one call” system that will alert the construction crews of any buried utilities, such as gas, water, sewer, telephone or cable lines, which are then flagged by the appropriate utility, prior to any construction beginning. This underground location process takes 48 hours per HB 2295.
  4. Prior to a meter being installed, the customer must apply for service with Customer Service at (979) 821-5700 to setup the account.  Accounts can be setup prior to construction.
  5. Please report all electrical outages, leaking transformers or other operational issues to BTU dispatch at (979) 822-3777.
  6. Inoperative street lights or security lights can be reported here.