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SmartBUSINESS Program


Program Description

The purpose of the BTU SmartBUSINESS Program is to educate customers and encourage energy efficiency improvements that help customers reduce their energy cost while at the same time reducing BTU’s need to build or purchase additional generation.  Any generation reduced has the added benefit of reducing CO2 emissions.  According to the EPA, saving 1,000 kilowatt-hours (kWh) is equivalent to reducing CO2 emissions from 79.1 gallons of gasoline consumed or the carbon sequestered by 18.1 tree seedlings grown for 10 years.


The BTU SmartBUSINESS Program is available to any non-residential customer within the BTU service territory which is billed on a commercial or industrial rate.


BTU’s SmartBUSINESS Program will review any energy efficiency measure that an eligible customer asks to be reviewed.  The energy efficiency measure must be 20% more efficient than the existing conditions.  Incentive payments will be paid for replacing equipment, not for removal of equipment or the installation of distributed generation.  In the event that energy savings from proposed upgrades are not readily verifiable through the U.S. Department of Energy, BTU reserves the right to approve proposed upgrades through verification of measured savings.

Demand Reduction Valuation

The calculated savings for an energy efficiency measure taken by a customer are based on the kilowatt (kW) reduction of the improvement, multiplied by BTU’s assumed value for generation capacity.


Initial and final inspections will be completed for all projects.  Incentive payment is paid when installation inspections are completed and upgrades are approved, normally within 30 days of receiving all required documentation.  All applicable building codes will be adhered to.

Incentive Rates

The incentive rate is based on BTU’s estimated cost of new peaking generation.  Incentive payments will be a minimum of 10%, not to exceed 20%, of the total installed cost per customer project. Incentive payments will be considered per meter, but one customer can receive no more than $30,000 of BTU’s annual program budget. This incentive program is subject to the availability of funds and may be terminated at any time without advance notice.

  1. Call an Energy Account Manager at 979-821-5715 to discuss your future energy efficiency improvement ideas for your facility.  At that time, questions will be reviewed and if the project or projects are considered to be viable, the Energy Manager will send an application.
  2. Complete and submit an application to BTU for each energy efficiency project, including all supplemental documentation of equipment customer is considering installing.
  3. Once application is received by BTU, an Energy Accounts Manager will schedule an initial inspection with the contact person on the application.
  4. Once the initial inspection is completed and the project is approved, work can then begin on the energy efficiency project.
  5. The Customer has 120 days to complete work.  If the work is not complete within 120 days, the customer must reapply for project approval.
  6. After all work is completed, notify the BTU Energy Accounts Manager that did the initial inspection.
  7. A final inspection will then be scheduled and completed.  All project documentation (invoice, any additional technical specifications, etc.) will be required for the application to be processed.
  8. Once all project information has been reviewed and approved, the incentive payment will be processed and mailed to the customer.