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Critical Load and Critical Care Customer Registration


Critical Care (Residential)

Click here to register as a Critical Care Customer.

Critical Care Customers: It is the policy of Bryan Texas Utilities, as adopted in the City of Bryan Resolution No. 1363, to continue service for a reasonable period to a delinquent residential customer permanently residing in an individually metered dwelling unit when that customer establishes that discontinuance of service will result in some person who resides at that residence becoming seriously ill or more seriously ill.


Critical Load (Commercial)

Click here to request designation as a Critical Load Program site.

Critical Load Program: The Critical Load Program is a registry of non-residential service locations that can be classified as public safety, industrial, or natural gas infrastructure, and have an approved Critical Load Program application with Bryan Texas Utilities (BTU). When planned outages or service interruptions for nonpayment are scheduled, BTU will attempt to provide advance notice so preparations can be made. For unplanned outages, BTU will prioritize Critical Load Program participants for restoration as much as practicable.

Critical Load Program sites are not guaranteed an uninterrupted, regular, or continuous power supply. Locations registered in the program are not exempt from planned service interruptions. However, they may be prioritized for emergency load-shed purposes at BTU’s discretion.

Submission of an Application does not automatically result in Critical Load status.