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How to Manage Your Online Payment Profile

Welcome back! By now, you’ve likely followed the instructions for how to set up your payment profile in BTU’s new online payment system, and you’re reached your dashboard. If you haven’t set up your payment profile yet, click here to find out how.
Your dashboard will look similar to this:

Now it’s time to see all the great things that this system can do.

These step-by-step tutorials and instructions will guide you through the various tasks that you can accomplish through the new payment system. Click on any of the services boxes to see how to set up that service in your online payment profile.

How To…

Make online payments

Make online payments

Set up recurring payments

Set up recurring payments

Set up paperless billing

Set up paperless billing

Update Your Credit Card Information

Update Your Credit Card Information

Enable pay-by-text option

Enable pay-by-text option

Add secondary email

Add secondary email

How to Make an Online Payment


1. Click on “Pay My Invoices”

pay invoices 1


2. Select Invoices to Pay from your “Open Invoices”

select invoices to pay


3. Select When You’d Like to Pay

select when you'd like to pay


4. Select Your Payment Method

select a payment method


5. Enter Your Payment Information, Review Your Payment, and Hit the Submit Button

enter your payment information

review payment information

success - your payment has been processed


How to Set Up Recurring Payments


1. Click on “AutoPay”

autopay step 1


2. Add a New Stored Payment Option

add a payment option


3. Input Your Credit Card or Bank Account Information

add payment option

add credit card

add bank account


4. Enable Recurring Payments

enable recurring payments


5. Verify Your Recurring Payment Setup Through the Email That Was Sent to You

confirm autopay enrollment


How to Set Up Paperless Billing


1. Click on “Paperless”

paperless billing


2. Click On the Green “Yes” Box, and Then Verify Your Changes Through the Email That Was Sent to You

paperless check yes


How to Update Your Credit Card Information


1. Hover over “My Profile” and select “Payment Methods”

update payment method step 1


2. Click On the “Edit” link to edit your current credit card information.

update payment method step 2


3. Update your payment information, and click the “Save Credit Card Information” button.

update payment method step 3


How to Set Up Pay By Text


1. Click on “Pay By Text”

pay by text


2. Select to Receive Invoice Notifications by Email and Text

select pay by text


3. Input the Phone Number of Your Mobile Device, Save Your Changes, and Then Follow the Instructions Texted to Your Device

input phone number


How to Receive Notifications About Your Account at a Secondary Email Address


1. Click on “Update My Account Information”

update my account information


2. Enter a “Courtesy Email Address,” and Save Your Changes

add a courtesy email address


3. Now Your Main Payment Profile Email Address and Your “Courtesy Email Address” Will Both Receive Email Notifications for Your Account Invoices