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BTU Pole Attachment and Wireless Installation

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The Bryan Texas Utilities (BTU) distribution system can facilitate the delivery of the variety of communication services offered today. With a streamlined pole attachment process, BTU is dedicated to collaborating with various entities to assist with speed-to-market processes for future technologies.

As part of this pole attachment process, BTU will grant non-discriminatory access to its Eligible Poles for the installation of Wire Attachments, Network Nodes and Node Support Poles taking into account the burdens that Network Nodes place on BTU Facilities.

BTU Standard Pole Attachment and Wireless Installation License Agreement

The Standard Pole Attachment and Wireless Installation License Agreement is for permitting the installation, ownership, lease, license, operation, and/or maintenance of wire Attachments and Network Nodes on or supported by BTU Service Poles. Installations shall be in accordance with the terms of BTU’s Standard Pole Attachment and Wireless Installation License Agreement, BTU’s Pole Attachment and Wireless Installation Standards V2.0, relevant City ordinances, the City of Bryan Design Manual for Right of Way Installations, the City of Bryan Right of Way Work Permit processes, City regulations or rules, and all other applicable codes and state or federal law.

Ready to Apply for a Wireless Attachment?

All applicants must have a signed license agreement with BTU before submitting an application to attach wireless communication equipment on any pole owned by BTU.

To obtain additional information please contact:

Step-by-Step Process for Wireless Pole Installations

  • Please follow the instructions in the Step-by-Step Process for submitting an application.
  • Incomplete applications will be rejected.
  • Use the Web Map utility to determine if a location is within the BTU service area:

Let’s Get Started

Approved Contractors

In accordance with the Pole Attachment and Wireless Installation Standards, please see the most recent listing for engineering, electrical distribution construction, One-Touch Transfer construction, and vegetation management contractors that have been approved by BTU for the specified work.

BTU is not a guarantor of the contractors provided on this list. BTU, by making available a list of approved contractors, has not made and makes no representations or warranties of any nature, directly or indirectly, express or implied, as to performance of the contractors.

Selection of an approved contractor to perform the specified work is the sole decision of the Licensee. Any lists representing the approved contractors are of those companies and/or individuals who have performed work directly for BTU and or taken the time to request BTU to review their qualification to perform the specific work. It is not an endorsement by BTU of any product, service, individual or company. There is no work guarantee or warranty, expressed or implied, as to the quality, cost or effectiveness of the work performed by the contractor, employees or subcontractors.

This list is related to Pole Attachment work only and is not inclusive of all contractors approved for work by BTU.

If you have questions related to the qualifications and or request to be added to this list of approved contractors, please email

Pole Attachment Rate

BTU’s current annual pole attachment rate is 11.04/pole-ft. For inquiries about the annual Attachment Rate, the applicable Attachment Rate formula and the financial and operational inputs utilized by BTU in the calculation of the Attachment Rate formula, please contact BTU’s Fiscal Services at 979.821.5700 or email

Who To Contact

Under the Pole Attachment and Wireless Installation Program, BTU’s Engineering Department will be the single point of contact for all who wish to attach infrastructure to BTU’s Eligible Poles. BTU’s Engineering Department is responsible for:

  • Maintaining and implementing the Pole Attachment and Wireless Installation Program
  • Entity registration
  • Enforcing and interpreting attachment agreements
  • Processing applications for new pole attachments or removals
  • Surveys of existing attachments
  • Assisting with the inspection of completed installations
  • Assisting with the billing and collections for all the above services

For questions or more information on the pole attachment program, please email

BTU poles vs. City of Bryan poles

The City of Bryan-related Poles that are not owned, operated, or maintained by Bryan Texas Utilities are the Traffic Signal Poles. For attachment to City of Bryan-related Poles, please refer to the City of Bryan Wireless Installation Program and Pole Attachment Standards and other related documentation.

Installations that will be located in the City of Bryan’s Right of Way should also refer to the City of Bryan Design Manual for Right of Way Installations and the City of Bryan Right of Way Work Permit processes.

National Joint Utilities Notification System (NJUNS)

The National Joint Utilities Notification System (NJUNS) is an industry leader in providing efficient communication and work coordination while promoting cooperation and partnering to manage pole transfers, joint trench construction, pole attachments, and project notification.