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Understanding Your Utility Bill: Frequently Asked Questions

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Why is BTU changing their bill design?

In an effort to provide more useful billing and consumption data to our customers, BTU has redesigned the bill layout to be more concise and consumer friendly. The addition of consumption graphs for both the electric and water portion of the bill will allow customers to see up to a 13 month snapshot of their usage.


Why does the graph on my bill only have one bar and not all 13 months?

Your graph is specific to your account and location. If you have been at the location for 13 months or longer, you will have 13 months of data on every bill. If you have been at the location for less than 13 months, you will have fewer months of consumption history shown.


What is the ‘meter multiplier’ in the meter reading summary section?

The ‘meter multiplier’ is the number by which your meter data must be multiplied to get your actual energy consumption. This multiplier varies depending on the type of service (residential, small commercial, large commercial, etc.) and the size of the transformer serving the location.


Why does my bill have both a summer and winter rate?

BTU bills a summer rate (May through October) and a winter rate (November through April) for residential customers. Should your service dates overlap the two seasons, you will see some of your usage billed on the summer rate, and some on the winter rate. For example: April 15 (winter rate) to May 15 (summer rate).


Why does my bill say “Min. Charge up to 30,000 Gals” in the water section?

Residential water consumption is billed based on three tiers of usage—0-30,000 gallons, 30,001-50,000 gallons, and greater than 50,000 gallons. Your bill will list which of these tiers you are being billed for, based on your consumption.


If I need to update my mailing address, where do I write this on the bill when I mail in my payment?

You can write your new mailing address on the bill stub under ‘Please make checks payable to BTU’, or send us an email by visiting


Why don’t I see a graph for my water irrigation meter?

Irrigation is typically only used during certain seasons (mainly spring and summer). Therefore, a graph would not show consistent monthly data like the water and electric consumption graphs do.