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January 13, 2017

New Year, New Look for Your BTU Bill

We’re excited to reveal the redesigned BTU bill to our customers! With this new layout, we hope to provide additional information about your utility usage and associated charges. We hope you find this information useful.

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Image of new BTU bill

Here’s a look at all of the updated features of your bill. The numbers below correspond to the numbers on the sample bill above.

1. Customer Mailing Address

The location where you receive your utility bill.


2. BTU Mailing Address, Phone Number, and Office Hours

Did you know you can manage your utility bill online by logging onto our website at and setting up your own username and password? You can pay your bill, view your consumption, email BTU Customer Service questions, and much more.


3. Account Summary

This section has information about your account. Your BTU account number will assist you when calling in to inquire about your account or to make a payment through the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system. Each location in the BTU service area has a billing cycle number associated with it. This cycle number determines the approximate day of the month your utility meter is read.

  • Previous Balance ­- The amount your account was billed last month.
  • Payments ­- The total amount paid since you received your last bill.
  • Balance Forward ­- The amount billed last month that was not paid.
  • Current Charges Due ­- Includes the due date and the charges you were billed for this billing period.
  • Total Amount Due ­- The current amount due on your account.
  • Amount Due After Due Date –­ The bill total for the month if paid after the due date, including a 5% late penalty.


4. Message Board

Message area includes information about holiday office closures, energy saving tips, and much more.


5. MeterReadingSummary

Includes your service address, location class, service date range, number of days billed for this billing period, meter number, previous and current readings, and total consumption. The Meter Multiplier is the number by which the reading on the meter must be multiplied to determine the correct consumption in kilowatt hours (kWh) or kilowatt (kW) units.


6. Electric

  • Electric Service -­ Includes the meter number, total consumption, the amount billed for electric service, and a graph of up to 13 months of your electric consumption in kWh.
  • Regulatory Charge –­ This pass through charge includes transmission costs billed to BTU by other entities within the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) and other state or federal regulatory fees.


7. Water

  • WaterService ­- Includes the meter number, total consumption, the amount billed for water service, and a graph of up to 13 months of your water consumption in gallons.
  • Water Irrigation -­ Water used for irrigation. Irrigation meters will not have a graph of historical usage (if applicable).


8. Other Charges

These include additional municipal services provided such as:

  • Wastewater ­- Monthly service charge for sanitary sewer service.
  • Solid Waste ­- Monthly service charge for garbage collection.
  • Drainage & Transportation ­- Monthly fee allocated for the maintenance and improvement of drainage and transportation infrastructure.
  • Security Light –­ An unmetered lighting service (if applicable).


9. Tax

Local and state taxes that BTU is required to collect.


10. Total Current Charges

Total charges due for this billing period including all services and applicable charges shown above.


11. BTU Address

The physical location of the BTU office.


12. Bill Stub Message

Include your bill stub with your payment. If you are on Budget Billing, Recurring Credit Card, have a Credit Balance on your account, or this is your final bill, this section will state that information.


13. Bar Code

Use this bar code at one of our four convenient kiosk locations to make a payment on your account.


14. Scan Line

Used by BTU when processing your payment.

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