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Step-by-Step Process for Wireless Pole Installations

  • Please follow the instructions in this Step-by-Step Process for submitting an application.
  • Incomplete applications will be rejected.
  • Use the Web Map utility to determine if a location is within the BTU service area:

1. Applicant: Review Wireless Standards and Requirements

2. Applicant: Apply for Pre-certification of Wireless Equipment

3. Applicant: Submit Site Selection Request Form (Optional)

  • Complete Online Request Form
    Note: Submit the Site Selection Form and required attachments for one site at a time.
  • Submit site selection fee
    Note: The site will not be scheduled until fee payment is received
  • If a site is determined feasible, proceed to the next step

4. Applicant: Submit Wireless Installation Application Package

  • Prior to submitting online Application Form, obtain Construction Drawing Template (.DWG file) by emailing
  • Complete Online Application Form
    Note: Submit the completed Application for Wireless Installation Permit Form and required attachments for one site at a time.
  • Submit application payment
    Note: An application is not considered “received” until the fee is paid.
  • Submit evidence of application submittal to ROW jurisdiction
  • If application is approved, proceed to the next step

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5. Applicant: Pay all required fees for electric make ready estimate and professional services fees

  • Note: The process is not considered complete until all fees are paid

6. BTU: Perform electric make ready (if applicable)

7. BTU: Issue Notice to Proceed to Licensee for wireless equipment and power service conduit installation

8. BTU: Perform inspection and testing

9. Applicant: After passing inspections, sign up for electric service; Provide as-built drawings and pay any remaining fees

10. BTU: Run electric service and install meter; Issue final permit

How to Pay Fees

Payment by US Postal Service

  • BTU
    Distribution Engineering
    Attn: Macey Rivas
    P.O. Box 1000
    Bryan, TX 77805

Payment in person or via Ground Service

  • BTU
    Distribution Engineering
    Attn: Macey Rivas
    2205 Fountain Ave.
    Bldg 100
    Bryan, TX 77801