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Interested in participating in RENEWability?

What is RENEWability?

RENEWability is a rate-rider option that all residential and commercial customers can use to receive 100% of their power from renewable sources, such as wind and solar.

How much does RENEWability cost?

Customers enrolled in this rate will have approximately $0.02 per kilowatt-hour (kWh) added to the fuel portion of their rate. For example: a residential customer who uses 1000 kWh per month, this would add about $20.00 per month to their bill. Since BTU is a municipally owned utility, we are not-for-profit and charge only the actual cost of power supply for each rate.

Comparing the Rates

City Current Fuel Rate RENEWability Rates
Secondary $0.0358/kWh $0.0441/kWh
Primary $0.0351/kWh $0.0432/kWh
Transmission $0.0344/kWh $0.0424/kWh
Rural Current Fuel Rate RENEWability Rates
Secondary $0.0363/kWh $0.0447/kWh
Primary $0.0353/kWh $0.0435/kWh

Why is renewable energy more expensive?

Wind and solar farm operations are not as predictable as traditional fuel sourced power plants. Because the wind doesn’t always blow, and the sun doesn’t always shine, they aren’t as consistent as fossil fuels, making them more costly from a cost of production standpoint. However, the cost of new renewable development has been on the decline in recent years and any new resources acquired by BTU in the future should bring the price point for renewables down over time.

Where does this power come from?

BTU has utility scale wind and solar generation in different parts of Texas. The wind farms BTU purchases from are located in Kennedy and Starr Counties in south Texas, and the solar farm is located in Presidio County in far west Texas.

How do I know that the power is truly renewable?

An electron is an electron and there is no difference when it travels down the electric lines and to your home or business. Renewable energy is certified as “renewable” by the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT). For every megawatt-hour of electricity generated by a renewable resource there is a serial numbered Renewable Energy Credit (REC) created and held at ERCOT as proof that the energy represented by the REC is truly renewable. These RECs are “retired” from the BTU ERCOT account when the energy is sold to an end-use customer, which certifies the energy delivered to you as being from a renewable generation resource.

Can I opt into this program at any time?

Yes! You can contact one of our Customer Service Advocates (CSAs) to assist you with this process by calling 979.821.5700.

Can I withdraw from the program at any time?

Customers who sign up for RENEWability must remain on this rate for a minimum of one year. After that year, you may elect to participate by enrolling for the next 12-month period or not at your discretion.

What is the difference between enrolling in this program, and putting solar panels on my roof?

BTU customers are welcome to install solar panels at their home and business, although installations must be inspected and approved by BTU to assure the safety of our line workers. For customers who are not interested in the cost associated with purchasing and installing the panels, or who live in a rental home or multi-family residence, or rent a building, the RENEWability rate allows you elect to use renewable energy without the investment and challenges that come with installation. And, unlike solar panels, you can take the RENEWability rate with you should you move to another home or commercial facility in the BTU service territory.