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June 27, 2016

Bryan Texas Utilities Warns Against Phone Scams Demanding Payments

The Bryan Police Department has received information that local businesses are receiving phone calls from BTU or City of Bryan phone numbers stating that they need to pay their phone bill or their electricity will be cut off. The numbers that show up on caller ID are legitimate but the call is a scam.

Normal procedures for residential customers of either BTU or CSU do not include a phone call; rather, they will receive a notice in the mail with instructions on how to pay an outstanding balance. Normal procedures for commercial customers do include a phone call from utility offices during normal business hours to discuss payments (not demanding or threatening); calls are not made after 5 p.m. or on weekends. If there is any question as to the legitimacy of a utility company phone call it may be verified at your local utility company:

Bryan Texas Utilities: 979-821-5700
College Station Utilities: 979-764-3535

Bryan and College Station utility offices and police departments both strongly encourage residents and businesses to be cautious when being approached with a scenario that doesn’t sound or feel right.

For more information contact:
Elizabeth Thompson, Bryan Texas Utilities Energy Accounts Manager at (979) 229-1622.

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