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July 12, 2022

BTU partners with contractor to perform equipment restoration


Bryan Texas Utilities (BTU) has contracted with Utility Restoration Services Inc. (URS) to inspect, maintain, and restore pad-mounted electrical equipment. URS will ensure the green, air-cooled transformer cabinets meet state and federal code, and are clear of any obstructions such as dirt, debris, and insects. Once cleaned, each cabinet is treated for rust and receives a high-gloss, non-conductive, weather-resistant coating. The restoration work helps preserve the quality of the equipment, ensuring reliability for years to come.

URS crews will be performing this work over the next several weeks at various locations in the service territory. Prior to work beginning on or near your property, URS will attempt to contact you via a letter or a doorhanger. Crews may need to access backyards or other areas in which pad-mounted electrical equipment may be located. Each restoration can take several days to allot for proper curing of materials. Crew vehicles will have a URS logo and “BTU Contractor” logo, and crew members will be wearing tan work shirts, hard hats, and other personal protective equipment.

If you have questions regarding this work, please contact BTU Project Manager, Chris Green at (979) 571-3657. BTU appreciates customer support in helping improve the safety and quality of the electric service we provide to our customers.

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